Guest Reviews!

Short Story

Life is Waiting – Bryan Serwatka

Guest Reviewer Marie Stanway

The Tenth Kingdom

Chat with Marie on Twitter – @FaithGentlemen
the tenth kingdom  Part 01
  Part 02
  Part 03
  Part 04
  Part 05
  Part 06

Listen to the Tenth Kingdom Soundtrack on Spotify here!
Or watch the videos on YouTube here!

Anita Blake 02 – The Laughing Corpse
Anita Blake 01 – Guilty Pleasures


Guest Reviewer Booky O’Hare

Exciting News

Christmas Books versus Christmas Films 

Point Horrorween

Guest Reviewer Cidergirli

Doctor Horrible – The Book 

Cidergirli’s Blog – Sweet Talk 


Guest Reviewer Michael

Check out Michael’s blog – Cash and Carrots – HERE


10 – The Map of Time – Felix J. Palma

09 – The Moon at Midnight – Charlotte Bingham

08 – On the Edge of Darkness – Barbara Erskine

07 – The Summer of Living Dangerously – Julie Cohen

06 – The Fields of Fortune – Jessica Stiring

05 – Blonde Bombshell – Tom Holt

04 – Rich Girl, Poor Girl – Val Wood

03 – Legends of Shannara – Terry Brooks

02 – Dark Tower 01 – The Wind through the Keyhole – Stephen King

01 – Wighill Telephone Book Box


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