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Leeds Book Club has been participating in the Arts and Minds Network‘s Sharing Stories Project for the last few years.

This project has been set up to raise awareness of mental health; learning difficulties and autism through – in our case – the depiction of these in works of fiction.

In previous years, we read and discussed books – you can find the list below – however, in 2015, we decided to broaden our scope.

Tom of the Arts and Mind Network and I will be meeting up every few months to discuss books, music, TV, films, comics and anything else we can think of, with an eye towards increasing awareness about mental health.

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03 – CULTURALLY MINDED – Episode Three – with Tom

Tip 03 – Visit one of the Love Arts Festival exhibitions across Leeds

Check out the locations HERE  AML

Mobile Link

02 – CULTURALLY MINDED – Episode Two – with Tom

Tom and I meet up to discuss comics – the Movement, Look Straight Ahead, 2 Kill and Psychiatric Tales; books – The Girl on the Train; Tom’s Recommendation – In and Out of the Kitchen and exciting events coming up soon!

Tip 02 – In and Out of the Kitchen – A radio comedy!

Mobile Link

01 – CULTURALLY MINDED – Episode One – with Tom – “Structured yet nicely vague…|

Where we say hello and discuss our ideas and hopes for the podcast; how we define culture and cultural snobbery(!) and different aspects of the arts, films, books, gardens and sculpture parks that have inspired us!

Tip 01 – Yorkshire Sculpture Park or Hyde Park or any green place!

Mobile Link to the episode.

If you’d like to get involved – either recording (with us or as a roving reporter with audioboom) or with a suggested book, tv, film, comic or place to visit – please drop us a line!

Have a look at the books that we’ve read and discussed over the last few years.

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JAN and FEB: The Shock of the Fall – Nathan Filer

MAR and APR: Marbles – Ellen Forney

MAY and JUN: The Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion

JUL and AUG: Elizabeth is Missing – Emma Healy

SEP and OCT: The Examined Life – Stephen Grosz

NOV and DEC: Stranger than Kindness – Mark A Radcliffe


EXTRA – Magnificent Joe

Feb: The Silver Linings Play Book – Matthew Quick 

Mar: The Psychopath Test – Jon Ronson 

Apr: I had a black dog – Matthew Johnson 

May: Why be happy when you can be normal – Jeanette Winterson

Jun: Poppy Shakespeare – Clare Allan

Jul: 01 – Birthday Letters – Ted Hughes

Jul: 02 – Ariel – Sylvia Plath

Aug: Tender is the Night – F Scott Fitzgerald 

Sep: Day – A L Kennedy

Oct: Notes from an exhibition – Patrick Gale

Nov: A life too short – Ronald Reng 

Dec: Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte  


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