BookElf Reads 2011

In the tradition of the last two years... Not published this year, just read this year, savvy? Discovery of the Year Ayn Rand/Mary Gaitskill (The Fountainhead/Two Girls, Fat and Thin) What may initially appear to be an odd choice, seeing as this is also the year I've discovered so many amazing books that haven't made … Continue reading BookElf Reads 2011


Happy New Year


Leaving Certificate Poetry – John Keats

The second of the International poets that we studied was John Keats. Now, I'm a bit of a romantic myself, with just a touch of a maudlin streak so I settled comfortably and immersed myself in the following poems. After the tangled mess that is Longley, the dark deep undercurrents of Elizabeth Bishop and the … Continue reading Leaving Certificate Poetry – John Keats

The Day of the Wren

Happy St Stephen's Day...or Boxing Day (if you must). I hope you're all feeling rested after yesterday's celebrations and food! Back home (in Ireland), the 26th was historically celebrated as The Day of the Wren - Lá an Dreoilín. It is believed that this tradition emerged out of older Pagan or Druidic rituals, co-opted into … Continue reading The Day of the Wren

A Discovery of Nonsense (sorry, Witches, sorry)

****SPOILERS, SO MANY SPOILERS. AND SWEARS. LOADS AND LOADS OF SWEARS*** What an utterly ridiculous book this is. Firstly, a background as to why I read a paranormal romance book during the week before Christmas; the cover. We bought it for work because I'd seen it *everywhere*, the cover looked really pretty, and I just … Continue reading A Discovery of Nonsense (sorry, Witches, sorry)

Leeds Book Club would like to wish you  a very very Hope Santa brought you everything your heart desired. Or at the very least a huge amount of chocolates!

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

We take pleasure in answering thus prominently the communication below, expressing at the same time our great gratification that its faithful author is numbered among the friends of The Sun: Dear Editor— I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says, “If you see it in … Continue reading Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

The Light Bulb Moment Review

The Light Bulb Moment is a collection of pieces from various women and men, edited by Sian Norris, loosely based on the question 'what was the lightbulb moment when you became a feminist?'. Like many of the contributors, my answer to this would probably be "I've always been". This doesn't stop this being a fascinating … Continue reading The Light Bulb Moment Review

Chris-tmas Surprise!

*****EXCLUSIVE***** *****EXCLUSIVE***** *****EXCLUSIVE***** Our good friend Chris Nickson (music journalist, author and Leeds Book Club podcast buddy) has very kindly sent us this complete short story - an exclusive for our readers. The story features our favourite Leeds based Constable - Richard Nottingham - during a cold December morning. December As always, we would like to thank … Continue reading Chris-tmas Surprise!

Christmas Read-A-Long – Stave Five

And now, the end is near... I LOVE this time of year! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I hope that you're still with us; still enjoying this most wonderful of all Christmas books! Only one section left to go - and you'll have earned your Christmas treats even more!! A Christmas Carol Rough Guide … Continue reading Christmas Read-A-Long – Stave Five