Leaving Certificate Poetry – Michael Longley

The second (of three) Irish poets studied during my Leaving Certificate was Michael Longley. This Northern Irish poet was utterly unknown to me before my final year at school. Of all the poems we read over and over and over again; these were the ones I struggled with the most. He manages to cram so … Continue reading Leaving Certificate Poetry – Michael Longley


Book Swap Cafe 164

Just a quick reminder that the Travelling Suitcase Library will be having another book swap tomorrow, the 10th December, at Cafe 164 between 11-3ish. We'll have the usual book swap, so bring your tomes, and pick up your festive read. Plus the gorgeous and talented @Decknologist will have his decks set up to spin some … Continue reading Book Swap Cafe 164

The Lightbulb Moment-bit of a plug…

As many of you will know, I am a feminist. Not everyone is, and that's their choice, but I am very proud of my belief in equality for all regardless of gender and love hearing from others who also feel the same way. That's why I'm really chuffed to announce a new book, edited by … Continue reading The Lightbulb Moment-bit of a plug…

The Book Of Human Skin by Michelle Lovric

Here's a thing you might not know about Leeds Book Club. We are blessed. One of our members - whom I shall randomly nickname the Elf to protect her identity - has a super power - a gift some might rightly say. After only a few minutes of conversation with you, she is able to … Continue reading The Book Of Human Skin by Michelle Lovric

White Swan Leeds Book Club!!

You know how good things always seem to happen in threes? For those who've seen the details about Arcadia LBC and Medusa LBC and wished for something a little closer to Leeds City Proper...well, we might have just the solution for you!!!  White Swan LBC Venue: White Swan Leeds Date:  Sunday 8th January 2012 Time:  … Continue reading White Swan Leeds Book Club!!

The Secret Circle – Book 2 – The Captive

Book Two - The Captive CAN THE SECRET CIRCLE SURVIVE...   Lured into the most popular in-crowd imaginable, Cassie is intoxicated by her new found strength, a power as addictive as it is perilous. Caught between two members' consuming desires to use the coven's mysterious force, Cassie turns to one of their boyfriends, Adam ... and … Continue reading The Secret Circle – Book 2 – The Captive

Dear Santa….

Dear Santa, I've not been a particularly good girl this year. I've smoked and drank too much, and done naughty things. I know that as a Naughty Girl, I should be receiving nothing more than a lump of coal, but I also know that probably won't be the case and I will, in fact, be … Continue reading Dear Santa….

Christmas Read-A-Long – Stave Four

Nearly there folks! How goes the pressie shopping? What d'ya mean you haven't started yet!!! After the dark and gloomy...prepare for...well...more dark and gloomy. Honestly; its all worth it! I swear!! A Christmas Carol Rough Guide Stave Four  - 2nd December Stave Five  - 16th December FREE versions of A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol … Continue reading Christmas Read-A-Long – Stave Four

A Level Poetry 1… UTTER FILTH

So we'd made it. Finally we'd made it to Sixth Form. What a revelation. Not only could we wear our own clothes (which quickly esatblished itself into a uniform of black jumper, blue jeans, thong (2001, innit) and black boots), not only could we smoke!, we also got to do the sex... I remember the … Continue reading A Level Poetry 1… UTTER FILTH

Christmas Books vs Christmas Films

Meandering past the book aisle in the supermarket my attention was drawn by the array of festive themed covers of 'chick lit' books. I've never really noticed a huge amount of Christmas themed books launched around this time before despite the fact that the movie business seems to rake it in, but this year there … Continue reading Christmas Books vs Christmas Films