LBC White Swan – August and September

Our upcoming books for LBC White Swan are: 08-08 - Shuggie Bain - Douglas Stuart12-09 - Project Hail Mary - Andy Weir Shuggie Bain - Shuggie Bain 1981. Glasgow. The city is dying. Poverty is on the rise. People watch the lives they had hoped for disappear from view. Agnes Bain had always expected more. … Continue reading LBC White Swan – August and September

Our June Reads

Here are this months reads 🙂 For LBC Horsforth - Mindf*ck by Christopher Wylie 9th JuneZoom call7:30pm For LBC White Swan - Boy Parts by Eliza Clark 13th JuneZoom call6:00pm (not 6:30pm - an error I made last month resulting in my being 15 minutes late to my own book club :D) Mindf*ck Blurb What … Continue reading Our June Reads

LBC White Swan – Upcoming Books

We also have our April and May books for White Swan! Time - 6pmLocation - Zoom 11th April – Apex Hides the Hurt – Colson Whitehead The town of Winthrop has decided it needs a new name. The resident software millionaire wants to call it New Prospera; the mayor wants to return to the original … Continue reading LBC White Swan – Upcoming Books

LBCWSwan – Queenie

Scored a 6.5 from our chat!

Book 2 of the Year

Just finished Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams for #LBCWSwan Should make for an excellent book club discussion as there’s so much covered! This is technically my first 2021 read, though I technically finished ‘Twas The Night Shift before Christmas by Adam Kay over New Years. In the evenings, I’ve been learning loads from my second choice … Continue reading Book 2 of the Year

#NowReading Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

This is our January pick for #LBCWSwan. Queenie Jenkins can't cut a break. Well, apart from the one from her long term boyfriend, Tom. That's definitely just a break though. Definitely not a break up. Then there's her boss who doesn't seem to see her and her Caribbean family who don't seem to listen (if … Continue reading #NowReading Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

#NowReading (well… #NowStarting) The Hogfather

For our Christmas book club, LBCWSwan has selected The Hogfather by Terry Pratchett. BLURB: ‘THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING IN THE STOCKING THAT MAKES A NOISE,’ said Death, ‘OTHERWISE, WHAT IS 4:30 A.M. FOR?’ It’s the night before Hogswatch. And it’s too quiet. Superstition makes things work in the Discworld, and undermining it can have … Continue reading #NowReading (well… #NowStarting) The Hogfather

2020 – LBC White Swan Scorecard

Here are the books that we have read/are reading for 2020. What a strange year! 19-01 - The Girl Who Could Move S*t With Her Mind - Jackson Ford - 2.509-02 Melmouth - Sarah Perry - 608-03 Three Hours - Rosamund Lipton - 719-04 The Miniaturist - Jessie Burton - 517-05* The invisible life of … Continue reading 2020 – LBC White Swan Scorecard

Book Club is still Book Club

It's been such a relief in the last few weeks to discover that book club remains book club - in spite of the lock down. The #LBCHorsforth discussion of Normal People by Sally Rooney on twitter was a huge success - 17 people contributing in all, across twitter, whatsapp and email. Yesterday the small #LBC3Reads … Continue reading Book Club is still Book Club

LBC White Swan – tomorrow via zoom!

Greetings Swans Tomorrow, we are to discuss The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton for #LBCWSwan The plan is to discuss the book via zoom, exactly as we would in book club. Did we all get it read? Did we all get it finished A bit of a summary from yours truly – likely more coherent than … Continue reading LBC White Swan – tomorrow via zoom!