RECITATION – Do not go gentle

Michael Sheen recites Dylan Thomas’ poem ‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ as part of the reopening of the National Theatre. #BackOnStage

POEM – Kubla Khan – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Last night, I missed an answer in the FT quiz because I didn't know the opening lines to a poem I have actually read quite a few times. So, here it is, a reminder to myself. Hardly homework though - it's a beautiful poem. KUBLA KHAN BY SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE Or, a vision in a dream. … Continue reading POEM – Kubla Khan – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Hope that you know... stay home, socially distance and that you manage a giggle, a dance and a toast! My mum mum sent me on the following - a stunning version of On Raglan Road by New Dublin Voices

Solidarity with the NHS

This time a year ago, almost to the day, my family were urging me to stay at home. Thankfully, my workplace agreed and my lockdown began on the 16th of March. The U.K. govt followed a week later, on the 23rd. Between March snd December of last year, it is estimated that 850 healthcare workers … Continue reading Solidarity with the NHS

FOUND – POEM – The Giraffe by Geoffrey Dearmer

A few days ago, while chatting with a bestie from Zimbabwe, a line from a poem we had studied in school floated into my head - '...hide of a deer and eyes of a baby calf...'. We had been casually chatting about giraffes - as one does - and agreed it was the perfect description … Continue reading FOUND – POEM – The Giraffe by Geoffrey Dearmer

POEM – At Bridget’s Well – Doireann Ní Ghríofa

My mum sent this onto me this morning and I think it's absolutely magical! To celebrate St. Brigid's Day 2021, the Department of Foreign Affairs and MoLI - Museum of Literature Ireland, have collaborated on ‘Three Poems for Brigid’, a series of three short online films. Each film showcases a poet and a spoken … Continue reading POEM – At Bridget’s Well – Doireann Ní Ghríofa

A Brigid Eve Tradition

Ok – I know that it’s a little late in the day, but I’ve got a little job for you. Grab a hanky or a scarf and your coat, because my mother just sent…A Brigid Eve Tradition There’s still time!!! But not much!

Provisional Score for LBC Horsforth

Great chat tonight - out prosit all score is ... 8

POEM – Amanda Gorman – The Hill We Climb

Amanda Gorman became the youngest Poet to perform at a presidential inauguration. The 23 year old delivered The Hill We Climb - a poem which was completed on 6th of January. The same day that the Capitol was stormed by supporters of the previous president, engaging in acts of domestic terrorism. Her first book … Continue reading POEM – Amanda Gorman – The Hill We Climb

Now (cheat) reading – The Batman Who Laughs

Because I was just lent it and it looks so good! Obviously I’ll return to the book club choice tomorrow! "Left rattled by the events of Dark Nights: Metal, Bruce Wayne must come face to face with the ultimate evil spawned from the Dark Multiverse. One part Batman one part Joker. The Batman Who Laughs. … Continue reading Now (cheat) reading – The Batman Who Laughs