Chris Nickson

As Chris has been such a great friend to LBC; we’ve decided to set aside a little space just for him!

Here you’ll find all our reviews, interviews, exclusives and more!

Contact Details
Chris on Twitter       – @ChrisNickson2
Visit Chris’ website  – HERE
Best Book of 2011    – Library Journal Award


Richard Nottingham
Book 1 – The Broken Token
Book 3 – The Constant Lovers
Book 4 – Come The Fear
Book 5 – At the Dying of the Year
Book 6 – Fair and Tender Ladies
Book 7 – By the Law
Inspector Tom Harper
Book 1 – Gods of Gold
Book 2 – Two Bronze Pennies
Book 3 –
Dan Markham Mystery
Dark Briggate Blues – Soundtrack
Book 1 – The Crooked Spire
Book 01 – Emerald City
Book 02 – West Seattle Blues

Short Stories

Leeds – The Biography

Exclusive Short Stories

Inspector Tom Harper/ Annabelle Atkinson
Christmas Short Story – Jingling James
Christmas Short Story – Christmas 1890
Christmas Short Story – Family
Christmas Short Story – Annabelle Atkinson and Mr. Grimshaw

Richard Nottingham
01 – Home
02 – December
03 – Sanctuary – LIMITED TIME ONLY

Podcast Interviews

Book Launch for Come the Fear

01 – Chris Nickson – Interview about Richard Nottingham
02 – Chris Nickson – Interview about Come the Fear book launch!

Leeds Playlist – Coming Soon!
Sweet Tooth – Mary Nottingham’s Lemon Meringue Pie


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