White Swan Leeds Book Club!!

You know how good things always seem to happen in threes?
For those who’ve seen the details about Arcadia LBC and Medusa LBC and wished for something a little closer to Leeds City Proper…well, we might have just the solution for you!!!
 White Swan LBC
Date:  Sunday 8th January 2012
Time:  6:00pm
Address: Swan Street, Leeds
Notes: Free Wifi available!
Come along for good company, good booze 
& great books! *
For further details, please email me at leedsbookclub@gmail.com or tweet me @LeedsBookClub!
The Pub can be contacted on @WhiteSwanLeeds
And feel free to let us know your thoughts using #WSwanLBC!
*It’s practically my logo now!!
This is the last one.
I swear!
I’m excited and exhausted at the thought of reading all these books!
More excited than exhausted though!

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