The Lightbulb Moment-bit of a plug…

As many of you will know, I am a feminist. Not everyone is, and that’s their choice, but I am very proud of my belief in equality for all regardless of gender and love hearing from others who also feel the same way.

That’s why I’m really chuffed to announce a new book, edited by my Sister-From-Another-Mister, the amazing Sian Norris, that brings together a collection of stories from feminists about how they came to be one.

Here is what Sian says about the project…

‘After reading ‘Click’ I felt very strongly that we needed this book for the UK. We have such a rich feminist scene here. I thought it would be fascinating to hear how the women and men involved in UK feminist activism ‘found’ feminism. And I was right! These stories are so diverse and unique – I hope that people will enjoy reading them as much as I have. By bringing together the stories from women and men from a range of communities and generations, The Light Bulb Moment hopes to offer a snapshot of feminist activism in the UK today, and share the stories of the women and men involved.’

Personally I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy, and I encourage you all to too. Crooked Rib is a brand new independent publishing outlet that deserves support, and I hardly ever do plugs so I feel no shame in this one. Also if you order before the 16 December, the book is a mere £7.99, so would make a cracking little stocking filler for any feminist friends…

I’ll have a review up as soon as I’ve got my own!

Happy Reading
BookElf xxx


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