Guest Post – The Tenth Kingdom – Part Four

* * * Do you believe in Magic? * * * 
* * *Part Four* * *

A friend of LeedsBookClub (say hello on twitter here!), Marie is writing an EPIC review of The Tenth Kingdom!


Continued from Part Three!

(Quick recap – Virginia and her father Tony have fallen through a magic mirror from New York into the nine Magical Fairy Kingdom.   

In the company of a Wolf and an enchanted Prince – currently a Dog – Virginia and Tony must travel through the Kingdoms, seeking the evil Queen. She is the Prince’s step-mother and has hidden his real body. 

It is only by helping the Prince that they will be able to find another Magic Mirror to take them home…)

Part 3: Enter the Dragon.

Tony and Virginia despite Wolf’s capture are still intending to go home (how nice of them).

Wendell is desperately trying to talk them out of it but to no avail. However after a tearful visit to Wolf Virginia announces that they can’t go home as she has agreed to represent Wolf in his trial.

Tony grudgingly hides the mirror (good plan) and they head off to the trial.
The trial consists of a jury of sheep (no they can’t talk) and the judge sentencing Wolf to death straight away.

Virginia objects to this and is allowed to give evidence in his defence as long as she is quick. She soon discovers that the trial is rigged against Wolf no matter how hard she tries so Tony and Wendell go off to try and find evidence to prove Wolf’s innocence.

Things aren’t going well for Wolf and Virginia as The Peeps have persuaded the judge to burn him and he’s dragged away.
Wendell meanwhile has found Sally’s scent and leads Tony to the Peeps Barn and a now wrecked well.
In the Market Square Wolf has been strapped to a pyre and Wilf is about to light it when(just in the nick of time) Tony arrives. He then proceeds to tell the village about the Peeps diverting the well and how Sally trashed it so Wilf killed her.

He admits that Sally destroyed the well and the rest of the Peeps attack him allowing Tony and Virginia to free Wolf and beat a hasty retreat. They return to the barn only to discover
(surprisingly) that the cart Tony hid the mirror in has gone! (Well what do you expect for hiding it in a bloody cart, duh)!
They have no choice but to travel onwards after the mirror.
The Queen meanwhile is growing frustrated at Wendell’s advisors and their inability to sort out the Troll king who is currently terrorising the Fourth Kingdom.

He refuses to respond to her no matter how hard she tries and unless she can get him under control the fourth kingdom will be divided up in return for the other kingdoms help.

Suddenly a mirror she has never used before summons her into a memory. It takes her back to when she met the Evil Stepmother and was given her mirrors.
“Mirror to travel,
Mirrors to spy,
Mirrors to remember,
Mirrors to forget and
Mirrors to rule the world.”
This reinvigorates her and she is ready… For BATTLE.
Tony, Virginia, Wolf and Wendell have arrived in the Kissing Town, everywhere they go people are kissing and acting lovey-dovey.

They find the cart but surprisingly no mirror. The farmer has sold it as bric-a-brac. (Oops). They split up to look for the mirror Wolf and Virginia end up where Snow White’s glass
coffin was displayed. Wolf tells her that people who get a happily ever after live to at least 150 years old. Nobody knows what became of Snow White as on her 150th birthday she left
her castle with no food and only the clothes she stood in.

Tony and Wendell have found the mirror and also the golden trolls. (Ooh, wonder why they’ve resurfaced). When they find the mirror Wendell has to stop Tony from turning it on, (stupid Tony). He dashes off to find Virginia and Wolf who are busy having their portraits painted. (Working hard then).

They return to the action house only to discover the mirrors special features have been revealed and it has gone up from 15 gold to 5,000. How on earth will they afford that? By gambling of course!
Over at The Queens castle she has gotten hold of Relish the Troll King by telling him his children are dead. (Not very nice is she). He agrees to meet her anyway.


Unbeknownst to Tony, Virginia, Wendell and Wolf The Huntsman is also in Kissing Town. His leg is a mangled ruin but he is determined to complete the job The Queen asked him to do.
Wolf has now won 10,000 gold and is in a panic about Virginia leaving and so he tells he lost all of his money too. While Virginia is watching Tony Wolf sneaks off to debate what to
do in order to avoid losing Virginia. Obviously the only choice is to propose to her and give her the mirror money and spend the rest on presents! (Erm Wolf how about going home with
Virginia and living in her world! Proposing *rolls eyes, sighs and shakes head*).
Back near Little Lamb Village the Queen and Relish are meeting, she admits that she doesn’t know where his children are and also reveals that she had no intention of just ruling the 4th Kingdom but all 9 Kingdoms. 

Relish is eager to know where he fits in but she is hesitant
so he calls forth his men from their hiding places. He brags to The Queen that they have been there for the last hour (good thinking, bet she didn’t think of that). 

Then The Queen reveals that she was there two hours ago poisoning all the apples in the orchard. (I bet his men haven’t eaten any apples). One by one the men crumple until just Relish remains slowly dying.
Things aren’t going well for the gang they’ve all (sort of) lost their money and it looks as though they’ll never get the mirror until Tony’s opponent at Snap (yes Snap) thanks the ‘Lucky dog’ with half her winnings. Lo and behold under the table lies Wendell wearing the placard Virginia hung around his neck. 

Woo-hoo, they have the money!! 

They dash over to the auction just in time to bid on the mirror. But a last minute bid of 10,000 gold comes in from… The Huntsman…

So they’ve lost the mirror Again! And Wolf and Virginia are off on a date sharing their first kiss (sigh) and Tony and Wendell are in a bar drowning their sorrows. (These people have
very low hygiene standards, EHO would be all over that place as well).

Tony receives a message from The Huntsman.

He wants Tony to take the dog to the centre of town and tie him up and leave him, or The Huntsman will smash the mirror. 

Oh no, what are they going to do now?

Only one thing they can do really, stagger out to the town square and try and deduce where The Huntsman has stashed the mirror. Tony ties up Wendell with a loose knot and goes off to get the mirror. (Counting the ways this can go wrong).
At the restaurant Virginia and Wolf are having an amazing time until Virginia questions where he has managed to pay for all of it. This causes Wolf to reveal he won the Jack Rabbit
jackpot. They have a blazing row and Virginia storms out.
A despondent Wolf throws the engagement ring in the river and agrees to return to The Queen.
The Huntsman has arrived in the town square Wendell pulls free at the last minute and dashes off. The Huntsman is unable to shoot him as a crowd of people happen by just as he’s escaping (lucky that). 

Wendell is panicked by cries of The Troll King is dead; Prince Wendell has killed him and a carriage with the dog him hanging out the window with Relishes head.

Whilst this is happening, Tony has retrieved the mirror and is scrambling across the roof with it! Betcha can’t guess what happens?! Yep, Tony drops the mirror.
Tony and Virginia try and collect all of the pieces in the hopes of fixing it but the people in the town start calling Tony a mirror breaker and tell him he’ll have 7 years bad luck. They
drive them out of town so their bad luck doesn’t affect them.

Unfortunately it starts to rain so they have to take shelter in a barn near the town, they examine the mirror fragments and discover writing on the back that says: “Manufactured by the Dwarves of Dragon Mountain”.

(Hmm, i wonder if they’ll travel there looking for another mirror).

Virginia decides to stop at the farm house to see if they have some food but who should come bursting out? Why the Three Trolls of course, newly melted. Luckily they can’t chase them very far before their legs give out from being in one position for so long…

To be continued…

The Tenth Kingdom

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