Legends of Shannara – Terry Brooks – GUEST



Thanks to our Guest Star Michelle for contributing the following review. 
Five hundred years after the disintegration of society and the destruction created in the battle between the Word and the Void, Panterra Qu and Prue Liss are training as Trackers in a valley sealed off by magic from the world outside. However, the passage of time has weakened the magic shield that protects the valley, and Sider Ament, otherwise known as the Gray Man, knows this. Sider is the last of a long line of Knights of the Word, charged with protecting the Word and serving the Lady, and ensuring that the Void does not get a foothold.
Now, over the centuries, the races that were brought to survival in the valley have become more insular, the Elves keep apart from the Lizards, who in turn keep apart from Man. Together with Sider Ament, Prue and Panterra set about finding the Devil who has breached the magic that seals the valley and has encouraged Trolls and other mutants to mass outside the valley with a view to taking it over by force.
Phyrne, an Elven Princess shares a secret with her grandma, that of the Elfstones, ancient stones of magic. These, along with Sider’s black staff, passed down to him through the long line of servants of the Word, are the only weapons that can destroy the devil and defend again the forces which threaten to destroy the last vestiges of humanity, the Elves and all who live in the valley.
Terry Brooks’ books are extremely addictive and this book, together with the sequel Measure of the Magic, fit between the Word and the Void series, which tells of the fall of humanity and the destruction of the Great Wars, and the original Shannara series – the tales of the Four Lands and the last of the Druids.
I really do have to give the whole Terry Brooks series 10/10, they are some of my favourite books, really quite difficult to put down and he weaves a number of strands throughout the books and, unlike some post apocalyptic novels (On the Beach – Nevil Shute, for instance) does give hope for the future.


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