BLOG – Wizards Unite

I don’t read anymore.

Or write. Or blog. Or talk.

For the last week, all I’ve done is confound the foundables! I’m hooked!

The creators of Pokémon Go have teamed up with Warner Brothers and created a game for those intrigued by the world of Harry Potter.

In terms of gameplay, there’s a whole lot more depth to Wizards Unite – sure, you catch items and visit ‘inns’ and ‘fortresses’ just as you would catch Pokémon and visit stops and gyms.

And you choose a profession, as you might have picked a team (though, interestingly, in WU, you can change your profession down the line).

When I went on a bus, my witchy avatar flew!

But there’s a whole backstory to unravel and mysteries to solve, as well as port-keys, potions, magical plants to grow and characters and creatures from both the Harry Potter Series and the more recent Fantastic Beasts films! And spells!

I had to turn the Augmented Reality off as it was killing my battery (and really disoriented me🙄) but it looked great and the non-AR backdrops are more interesting that PoGo.

Even though it’s only been released a week, there are a whole host of sites dedicated to assisting with your game play…but I’m cool. I’ve a few good buds all chipping in on twitter, helping me master the magic, which is absolutely adding to the fun.

I’m not sure that I’d be this into it, except that it’s Potter-related (Middle Earth would probably be the only world to top it! Ooh and possibly His Dark Materials) and since the late 90’s I’ve been loving delving deeper into the world and it’s history, as created by JK Rowling.


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