BLOG – Wizards Unite

I don't read anymore. Or write. Or blog. Or talk. For the last week, all I've done is confound the foundables! I'm hooked! The creators of Pokémon Go have teamed up with Warner Brothers and created a game for those intrigued by the world of Harry Potter. In terms of gameplay, there's a whole lot … Continue reading BLOG – Wizards Unite


Severus Snape – his chronology

9th January 1960 – 2nd May 1998   And then read this as a reality check - Nerds Doing Stuff - Snape is not a good guy

Fictional foods – yummy!

This morning I came across this article on Packed Lunch ideas from Fictional Foods which instantly made me hungry and prompted me to try and remember my favourite fictional foods. I always wanted to go to one of the midnight feasts at Malory Towers (@isfromupnorth - you with me?) - though I'd avoid the hard boiled eggs … Continue reading Fictional foods – yummy!