Christmas Meet Up

Date for your diary – Friday 4th of December

Venue – White Swan, City Centre

Time – 7:00pm


christmas book tree

Hey there everyone,

As regular book clubbers we know, we always take the month of December off from the various clubs and meet ups – something about spending time with loved ones and preparing for the 25th (don’t think I don’t see you squeezing in an extra one in there LBC Outlaws!) .

However, to ensure that we don’t have to miss each other too much for too long – all LBC-ers (and our friends, pet authors, maths jammers, clandestine cake clubbers, comic book lovers and (il)literate people) are most cordially invited to hit the town together for a bit of a sesh!

White Swan will be setting aside a bit of space for us to meet up, natter and imbide liquidy substances.



christmas books


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Blogger, podcaster, reader, knitter. Founder of Leeds Book Club; host of Culturally Fixated; co-host of Conversations with Geek People; tech support for Leeds Browncoats.

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