NowListening to Marple

Recently, I treated myself to Marple – 12 new short stories, written by contemporary authors featuring the quick witted Miss Jane Marple.  BBC Sounds has three of the short stories adapted for ratio and available now.  We are listening to them while driving back home – a lovely literary start to the new year. The Unravelling  When … Continue reading NowListening to Marple


Happy Day of the Wren

Reposting from 2011 Happy St Stephen’s Day…or Boxing Day (if you must). I hope you’re all feeling rested after yesterday’s celebrations and food! Back home (in Ireland), the 26th was historically celebrated as The Day of the Wren – Lá an Dreoilín. It is believed that this tradition emerged out of older Pagan or Druidic rituals, … Continue reading Happy Day of the Wren

Happy Star Wars Day!

GUEST POST – Book Review – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

I’ve a massive treat for you all, to mark World Book Day. Which is today – so if you happen to have seen many strange and magical creatures running around today – it’s not just 2022 throwing another curve ball! It is in fact, our younger humans celebrating literature and the wonders that it brings! … Continue reading GUEST POST – Book Review – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

2 Minute Review – Bookshelf Challenge – Jólabókaflóð Book 2

For the last few years, one of my besties has been doing the Unread Shelf challenge. The idea is (in part – it’s a bigger challenge than it looks) to use prompts to help a reader work through the Unread Titles on their shelves. Inspired by her, I am in the midst of attempting to gain control … Continue reading 2 Minute Review – Bookshelf Challenge – Jólabókaflóð Book 2

Happy St Brigid’s Day

Today is the first day of Spring (in Ireland) and the first holiday to celebrate an Irish woman (and will be a national holiday for 2023 onwards – hooray!) “The goddess Brigid is a bridge, crossing the threshold from Celtic to Christian, North and South, winter and spring, water and fire, masculine and feminine.”TREACY O’CONNOR … Continue reading Happy St Brigid’s Day

Happy Yorkshire Day.

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Hope that you know... stay home, socially distance and that you manage a giggle, a dance and a toast! My mum mum sent me on the following - a stunning version of On Raglan Road by New Dublin Voices

EVENT – Online talk – Johny Pitts – Afropean

Huddersfield Literary Festival has booked in Johny Pitts for a free event discussing his book Afropean - Notes from Black Europe. I've not read this yet but have heard that it’s a great book, which will be of interest to all, but particularly students interested in photography and social sciences courses. Afropean also won the … Continue reading EVENT – Online talk – Johny Pitts – Afropean

POEM – Amanda Gorman – The Hill We Climb

Amanda Gorman became the youngest Poet to perform at a presidential inauguration. The 23 year old delivered The Hill We Climb - a poem which was completed on 6th of January. The same day that the Capitol was stormed by supporters of the previous president, engaging in acts of domestic terrorism. Her first book … Continue reading POEM – Amanda Gorman – The Hill We Climb