Happy St Brigid’s Day

Today is the first day of Spring (in Ireland) and the first holiday to celebrate an Irish woman (and will be a national holiday for 2023 onwards – hooray!)

“The goddess Brigid is a bridge, crossing the threshold from Celtic to Christian, North and South, winter and spring, water and fire, masculine and feminine.”


Brigid was a daughter of the Dagda – the greatest god of the Tuatha De Danann and a triple goddess in her own right. Helaing, Fire and Blacksmithing as well as poetry.

Such was her popularity that she was taken on by the early Christian church and there is a cross associated with her that can be hung by your front door to keep the house safe.

My dad has written a piece that I will be sharing here once it has been published by Geashill Tidy Towns 😀


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