NowListening to Marple

Recently, I treated myself to Marple – 12 new short stories, written by contemporary authors featuring the quick witted Miss Jane Marple. 

BBC Sounds has three of the short stories adapted for ratio and available now. 

We are listening to them while driving back home – a lovely literary start to the new year.

The Unravelling 

When an itinerant farm hand is found dead outside Weaver’s Haberdashers it’s chalked up as a brawl gone tragically wrong – but Miss Marple refuses to accept this simple solution…NATALIE HAYNES 

Listen HERE

Murder at the Villa Rosa

An author who has travelled to the Amalfi coast with murder on his mind barely notices the genteel old lady who is also a guest at the villa…ELLY GRIFFITHS

Listen HERE

Miss Marple’s Christmas 

All Miss Marple wants for Christmas is a quiet, peaceful celebration. Accepting her friend Dolly Bantry’s invitation to Gossington Hall puts paid to that. A crime will be committed and as the guest list grows, the mystery deepens.RUTH WARE 

Listen HERE


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