My 2015 World Book Night choice

Real Poems for Unreal Times #WBN has been running for four years now. This is the third year that I have been participating and the third year that I'll be handing out my first choice pick - this year it's Essential Poems from the Staying Alive Trilogy. I love poetry. Before I could read - heck, … Continue reading My 2015 World Book Night choice


World Book Night 2015 @whiteswanleeds with @isfromupnorth

It's nearly here! Well, a month away, but planning has begun! If anyone had any books they would like to give away on the night bring them along, If you want to donate contact me on twitter @isfromupnorth or Niamh at @leedsbookclub. The event will be held at the White Swan Leeds and this year … Continue reading World Book Night 2015 @whiteswanleeds with @isfromupnorth

World Book Night Prizes!

Leeds Book Club is thrilled to announce the following prizes for our World Book Night extravaganza! Waterstones have very kindly provided us with vouchers - perfect for book lovers and emerging readers alike. The Leeds branch is choka-full of enthusiastic staff members who will help you find the ideal treat! Say hi @WaterstoneLeeds Our friends at … Continue reading World Book Night Prizes!

WBN 2013-The Books BookElf’s Verdict

Once again, World Book Night managed to send me my 'apply to be a giver!' email a whole days after I had already done so, but apart from that this year I'd like to say BLOODY WELL DONE. From a reading for pleasure promoter's (working on the job title...) point of view this is a … Continue reading WBN 2013-The Books BookElf’s Verdict

World Book Night 2012 – Podcast!

Where LeedsBookClub and BookElfLeeds take a closer look at the World Book Night book choices.    We sing, we dance, we have a giggle!   And might highlight a few World Book Night options In Leeds for you tomorrow night! ***LANGUAGE WARNING *** - We're actually very restrained. For us. So... the usual warning applies! … Continue reading World Book Night 2012 – Podcast!

World Book Night 2012 – fun for everyone!

Last year, BookElfLeeds and the Travelling Suitcase Library organised for a massive book swap and World Book Night giveaway at Arcadia (the LBC Mothership).       It was the BEST CRAIC EVER!! And did I mention the FREE BOOKS!!   Back by popular demand... The Travelling Suitcase Library Presents… A World Book Night Party! … Continue reading World Book Night 2012 – fun for everyone!

Reading Resolutions

(Inspired by World Book Night) FOR 2012 I SOLEMNLY RESOLVE  THAT I WILL: 1. STOP READING JUST for the sake of it. Instead I want to find something that really intrigues me, draws me in and captures my imagination rather than just picking something up because it's right there in front of me. This might … Continue reading Reading Resolutions

World Book Night – The Books!

BOOKS! BOOKS AND BOOZE!  FREE BOOKS AND BOOZE!! In fact, if you take into account that glass of wine @Decknologist gave me, it was actually  FREE BOOKS AND FREE BOOZE What a fantastic night! I know that BOOKELF has posted about the In's and Outs of the event, so I'll try to avoid being too … Continue reading World Book Night – The Books!

World Book Night at Arcadia

I woke up on Saturday with a horrible horrible hangover, fresh from a dream where we had set World Book Night up on trestle tables on Otley Road, nobody had come and everything was covered in sand... its fair to say I was sliiiiiightly nervous when it came to 6.30 that evening. The lovely … Continue reading World Book Night at Arcadia

World Book Night

This is a bit of Shameless self promotion on my part, but I would like to warmly invite anyone who lives in Leeds (and is over 18) to come to the Travelling Suitcase Library's World Book Night Event. We will be in Arcadia Ale and Wine Bar, in Headingley, from 7 pm. I will be … Continue reading World Book Night