World Book Night

This is a bit of Shameless self promotion on my part, but I would like to warmly invite anyone who lives in Leeds (and is over 18) to come to the Travelling Suitcase Library’s World Book Night Event.

We will be in Arcadia Ale and Wine Bar, in Headingley, from 7 pm.

I will be giving out copies of Stuart: A Life Backwards by Alexander Masters. I tend to find that emerging readers, who I would prefer to receive free copies, like true-life stories, and this is a beautiful sad book.

Other book-givers will be joining me giving away books. I’ll also be bringing the Travelling Suitcase Library and be running a book swap.

Yes, World Book Night has caused a fair bit of controversy, but personally I think that anything that promotes reading for pleasure is a good thing.

I hope to see lots of people on Saturday!



One thought on “World Book Night

  1. I wish I could be coming to your event but sadly I have children and no babysitter but I just wanted to say good luck and to say I have chosen the same amazing, beautiful heartbreaking book to give away.

    Hoping that more, in Stuart's words “9 to 5ers” will get to know his story.

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