World Book Night 2012 – fun for everyone!

Last year, BookElfLeeds and the Travelling Suitcase Library organised for a massive book swap and World Book Night giveaway at Arcadia (the LBC Mothership).



It was the BEST CRAIC EVER!!
And did I mention the FREE BOOKS!!
Back by popular demand…

The Travelling Suitcase Library Presents…

A World Book Night Party!
At Arcadia
Monday 23 April from 7 pm

We will be giving away books from the World Book Night selection, as well as the HUGE Travelling Suitcase Library.

Got books to donate/swap?
Registered as a book giver?
Please feel free to join us!

Email: bookelfleeds@gmaildotcom 
Tweet: @BookElfLeeds
#WBN #worldbooknight #ArcadiaWBN
Meanwhile at the White Swan (Leeds City Centre), LeedsBookClub and friends will be organising a night of…


Fancy a free book? Or two?
Like cakes?
Join us at
the White Swan
Monday, 23rd April from 7 pm
World Book Night titles can be yours for nowt!
A night of chatting
and drinking…possibly singing…
(relax, I’m kidding on that last one…
though there is a piano for the musically inclined!)

And as you’ve all asked so nicely,
there will be a BOOK SWAP!

Feel free to bring any books to
swap, share, lent, borrow

Registered as a World Book Night book giver?
We’d love to see you there!

Email: leedsbookclub@gmaildotcom 
Tweet: @LeedsBookClub
#WBN #worldbooknight #WSwanWBN


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