Reading Resolutions

(Inspired by World Book Night)
1. STOP READING JUST for the sake of it.
Instead I want to find something that really intrigues me, draws me in and captures my imagination rather than just picking something up because it’s right there in front of me.
This might mean fewer reading challenges. I have a tendency to announce a new challenge a week then feel obliged to read them ALL-RIGHT-NOW despite my lack of available time. Then I panic that I haven’t blogged…it all spirals into a lack of fun.
In the same vein, I resolve to put down a book if I’m not enjoying it.
I know I’m going to break this one even as I type it. I just CAN’T leave a book unfinished. It feels like I’m abandoning hope. By the same note, I’m similarly unable to read the last chapter if I haven’t read every line up to it. In my brain ‘that’s cheating’ (pulls a sulky face).
See why it’s going to be important to get the right read the first time huh?!
2. Give away as many books as possible (particularly to the TSL – Travelling Suitcase Library)
Hopefully, I’ll be part of World Book Night this year (as a giver – I’ll be part of it whether they chose me or not!!) but regardless, my goal is to try and inspire as many non or light readers as possible to give a great book a go!
Also, himself is starting to worry that the weight of all the books upstairs will bring the ceilings crashing down on top of us, burying us in rubble and words.
Course I’m already planning to cheat here. As a huge fan of Leeds Libraries I look forward to visiting them with greater frequency!
3. Read more of the ‘classics’
Revisit or re-try the acknowledged best of the best. Especially those that I know I’ve read in the past and can’t remember any of the details of…
As part of this, I’m hoping to read in a more conscious manner; to take in more (especially authors names!) and spend a bit more time appreciating each one.
Reading should never be a race to the finish line!
4. Stop borrowing books/do not accept lends.
I have far too many books unread in the house. The elf is doing a challenge – here – and I’m planing to join in; making it about reading the books I already have in my possession.
My goal is to return borrowed books, reduce my actual collection to the gems and eradicate purchasing as much as possible!
Darn you Leeds Markets and your amazing cheap book deals – especially that awesome stall somewhere in the middle with 3 books (often clearly unread hardbacks) for a £1!
This is also made tough by having friends with impeccable taste. I’m thinking of creating a GOODREADS list just for recommendations so that I can refer back when I have a minute…but leave me without any need to take the actual book there and then!
5. Read what I love and lots of it.
I’m not going to apologise (anymore) for not liking romantics or pity me books or anything else for that matter.
They aren’t to my taste. That’s OK.
Though as part of this I do feel obliged to stop putting them down with people who do like them (except for Twilight. I’m absolutely comfortable with that prejudice).
On the one hand, I’ve a head start on this – I’ve had to spend most of my life defending my love for SF (but you’re a girl/it’s all ridiculous fantasy/a waste of your time/not proper literature) – it’s time to transform this into a confidence that allows me to feel comfortable and not ashamed with some of my tastes.
Guilt is a pointless emotion – a waste of time and effort – particularly where books are concerned! So, I shall be filling 2012 with poetry, awe-inspiring SF, classics, mysteries, thrillers and YA books.
Now that’s one I know I can fulfil!
What do you think? You making any resolutions yourselves? Comments, thoughts, nit picks? Please feel free to get in touch!
Calvin & Hobbes – greatest comic ever…
**P.S. I will of course be completing the challenges already up and running.

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