Poetry in action

As taken by @HalfPintBlonde Wall poetry in Leiden, which is a lovely little town that looks quintessentially Dutch, down to the windmill at the edge of the canal 🌷 I love seeing art and words and poetry in action. Excellent spot K and thanks for letting me share! You can follow @HalfPintBlonde (and why wouldn't … Continue reading Poetry in action


The Wood Beneath the World – Review

Last night, I went on a unique adventure. It all began relatively normally. I arrived - as is my wont - far too early for The Wood Beneath the World and was 'forced' to pop into the former gaol cells at Leeds Town Hall for a quick drink at the pop-up-pub. Despite their sordid history; the … Continue reading The Wood Beneath the World – Review

The Wood Beneath the Worlds at Leeds Town Hall

Excited to be heading out to see the Wood Beneath the World on Friday evening - I hadn't heard of this event until recently but it sounds very interesting!   BLURB: The Wood Beneath The World is a large­scale, magical forest installation hidden in the depths of Leeds Town Hall Crypt, which has been growing … Continue reading The Wood Beneath the Worlds at Leeds Town Hall

The Chester Beatty Library

In the heart of Dublin, situated in the gardens of Dublin Castle, a treat for all book lovers awaits.  A library, rare book collection, museum and art gallery in one; this much lauded library offers treasures from all around the world for free. (Though the signposting is a bit feeble and you need to know … Continue reading The Chester Beatty Library