Leeds Pictures – local artist raising money for charity

This week, I went looking for artwork orientated in Leeds.

Mike Sells

Though I had no particular image in mind, I was determined to find something striking and very Leeds based for my brothers birthday. He had lived here for a few years before returning to ‘the mother country’.

Also, I really wanted to support a local artist – we’re all so global now that finding someone nearby felt more special than an Etsy or Amazon purchase could (not that there’s anything wrong with Etsy, of course. Amazon is obviously evil.).

Mike Sells

So you can imagine my delight when local artist Mike Sells (brilliant name for a creator!) website appeared – Leeds Pictures.

Specialising in screen printing, there are a number of different styles and landscapes on display. the images linked here are low resolution (to prevent theft) obscuring the finer details.

Mike Sells

I picked one and popped into Headingley to collect it. Mike is friendly, warm and I enjoyed our brief chat.

Even more importantly (and an additional reason to visit (and support!) is that all of the proceeds from his paintings go to charity. So by finding one you love, you won’t only be enhancing your own life – you’ll be helping others too!

(This fact is not yet up on his website but look, who am I to judge a not entirely up to date site!)

He also does commissions… just so you know!


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