Leeds – Laser Light City

Leeds is a city that loves to shine. For the past 16 years, for two nights in October – just as the long dark settles upon us – Leeds has celebrated Art in the Dark.

Spirit Owl – Graham Fotherby 2019

Indoor and outdoor locations across the city are opened up and transformed. Artworks, installations, performances, shadow dancers, music and dancing – whatever format you can imagine has likely made an appearance.

Young and old are encourage to discover new arts and artists and to see the city and the season in a different…way.

This year, things are going to be a bit different.

Seven locations across the city will be beaming interactive rooftop lasers across the skyline – providing the opportunity for people to appreciate the show in a socially distant way. Due to event being co-ordinated online, members of the public will have the opportunity to control and direct the beams – changing the colours, direction and patterns!!

To control the lasers, visit  this website.

The Yorkshire Evening Post has the details of the 7 locations HERE .

  • Date: 22nd October – 24th October
  • Time: 6pm – 11pm
  • Name: Laser Light City
  • Designer: Seb Lee-Delisle
Click on the image to visit the Laser Light City website

When I first moved to Leeds, I attended Light Night faithfully – but eventually fell out of the habit. Over the last few years however, my bestie and her son reminded me of just how many awesome events this city holds and I have so enjoyed sharing this night festival with them. I’m thrilled that it’s carrying on this year, especially as this year has felt particularly bleak and dark.

And it gives me hope – that D and I will be dragged about from display to display by ‘our boy’ again, fingers crossed, next year.

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