Blogalong The Foutainhead Part VIII

So. It is over. It is finished. I never have to read that book again, if I so choose. Any yet....and yet... I don't think a fiction book has made me fundamental question myself more than The Fountainhead. From enjoying it as a tract against classicism in favour of modernism, to the brilliantly succinct ripping … Continue reading Blogalong The Foutainhead Part VIII


Blogalong The Fountainhead Part VII

Part 3-Gail Wynard Meh, really. Just. Meh. Mostly Dominique and husband no. 2 Gail Wynard talking in very long sentences that I couldn't really follow due to not caring about them about how much they worship sky scrapers. I'm sure there was some massively important point I was missing but after the drama and excitement … Continue reading Blogalong The Fountainhead Part VII

Blogalong The Fountainhead Part VI

So this weekend I had a bit of a crisis. Having always considered myself a fairly decent sort, who tries to do her up most to live a fairly decent life, I am suddenly struck with horror and guilt that I might be a Catherine. Catherine and Ellsworth (hate Ellsworth, hate him) have this long … Continue reading Blogalong The Fountainhead Part VI

Blogalong The Fountainhead Part V


Blogalong The Foutainhead IV

Part 2 Chapters Vi-X In which rather a lot happens in a very short space of time... In this post I want to talk about two things. There are many other things to talk about, but in order to stop myself from becoming too derailed I shall stick to two. 1) Roark and Dominique-what the … Continue reading Blogalong The Foutainhead IV

Blogalong The Foutainhead Part III

End of Part I- Part II chapter V Apologise in advance for ranty incoherent nature... Oooo Dominique Francon. I kind of love Rand for creating such a lovely set up, you think the book's all about a couple of men's lives, one who follows the rules one who is morally obliged to break them, then … Continue reading Blogalong The Foutainhead Part III

Blogalong The Foutainhead Part II

Some Basic Rules 1) Do Not Read This Book Whilst Pissed 2) Do Not Shout At This Book After Reading This Book Whilst Pissed. It Is A Book. The Characters Cannot Hear You. They Are Fictional. So yeah, Dominique's a cow-bag, isn't she? "Oh I'm going to make no fucking sense, I'm going to lead … Continue reading Blogalong The Foutainhead Part II

Blogalong The Foutainhead Part 1

Introduction, and Chapters I-VIII Not knowing that much about Ayn Rand apart from what I could find through google/wikipedia (no librarian points for Jess), I was surprised how much I found to empathise with in her introduction to The Fountainhead, written 25 years after its publication. One particular sentence stood out for me; when she … Continue reading Blogalong The Foutainhead Part 1

Blog Along The Fountainhead

In which a self-identifying Marxist Feminist is dared to read Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead and blog about it... So one Bettakultcha, Many Moons ago, a Man Called Simon struck up a conversation with me in which my political views came up. Regular readers will know I'm hardly shy about my opinions and my beliefs are … Continue reading Blog Along The Fountainhead