Blogalong The Foutainhead IV

Part 2 Chapters Vi-X

In which rather a lot happens in a very short space of time…

In this post I want to talk about two things. There are many other things to talk about, but in order to stop myself from becoming too derailed I shall stick to two.

1) Roark and Dominique-what the hell is that all about?

2) Ellsworth Toohey-what a dickhead.


After the heart pounding lust fest that was Dominique and Roark’s first encounter in the granite quarry/next to the marble fireplace, I was jumping up and down in excitement over the drinks party meeting-mostly at the Howard Roark-in-a-tux thing (fictional, Jess, fictional) but also cos I had this vision of eyes meet across crowed room full of insufferable boors 1940s black and white film noir style. And I was not disappointed. Although it all did turn a little ‘What a swell party this is’ with the New Yorkers trying to out-knob each other (it’s a good job I don’t get invited to that sort of party any more it really is) whilst Roark and Dominique are smouldering was really thrilling and well done.

When Dominique turns up at his flat and does the whole ‘I want you’ thing- snarf snarf. See, that could never ever ever happen in my life because I Have Self Respect, apparently, and according to The Law Of Now, turning up at a man you fancies house and being straight with him makes you some sort of pariah. In Rand world, being honest about how someone makes you feel, instead of making you look ridiculous, gets you laid. I’m starting to like Rand world.

I also love love love how honest they are with each other. Or at least how honest Dominique is with Roark, Roark doesn’t really say that much apart from “Take Your Clothes Off” *le sigh*.

I’m not going to even pretend that I understand the dynamics of the relationship, but I’m fascinated by it. “I fancy you, but I hate you, and I want to sleep with you, but I also want to destroy you” I understand, but Dominique becomes almost possessed by her obsession for Roark. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there, but only in an unrequited tiniest-violin-in-the-world way. To have someone on your mind that much and for them to want you back. Fuck me, that sounds like something I could be interested in. Oh yeah, it’s fictional. Once again, the world spits on my dreams.


What a complete and utter knobend this man is. Apparently he’s a ‘socialist’. Now, I’ve met socialists like him before, usually talking at me at some lefty do. I cannot stand to be talked at ever, especially by self-promoting bell ends like Toohey, that use their natural gift for leadership and oratory skills to bend people to their will. You don’t bring about equality by being famous, and making no sense, and talking long windedly about nothing at all, you bring about equality by opening up information access and education systems so that people may research themselves about the oppressions others experience, and form their own conclusions.

His childhood did not surprise me one iota, and props to Rand for creating a complete character. What is sad is that I recognise the ‘Voice’ of the lefty movement in so many modern ‘Voices’ that apparently represent me and my generation/viewpoint. There are a few people I now want to shout ‘Toohey!’ at, and might start to do so. It is good, as a lefty, to read books like this that caricature our leaders and our movement so we may learn how the world sees us, and how we can change.

As I leave them, Ellsworth has just manipulated a Decent Sort into giving Roark a commission, on some sort of vendetta of his own against Dominique, Keating has disappeared in a floundering pool of self love and Roark is gradually making his way- though would obviously be disgusted to see creating buildings as a ‘way’- in the architectural world.

Challenge Accepted


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