Blogalong The Foutainhead Part II

Some Basic Rules

1) Do Not Read This Book Whilst Pissed

2) Do Not Shout At This Book After Reading This Book Whilst Pissed. It Is A Book. The Characters Cannot Hear You. They Are Fictional.

So yeah, Dominique’s a cow-bag, isn’t she? “Oh I’m going to make no fucking sense, I’m going to lead you round and round in ridiculous circles whilst crossing and uncrossing my perfect skinny ass legs, I’m going to drop priceless artifacts that some poor sod probably gave his LIFE rescuing from obscurity because I can. Worship me here.” Knobber.

Also, Catherine, strap on a fucking pair already. Strong female characters my business class sized ass.

Nuff said.

Challenge Accepted


3 thoughts on “Blogalong The Foutainhead Part II

  1. I have only got about as far as you have described. I love the prose style.

    But I found the sex stuff really annoying and not that sexy to be honest.

    I missed the 'rape'? Have I not read that or did we read it differently?

    I like the way she claims to hate Roarke and it is that 'hate' that apparently fuels their sex life.

    But it reminded me of those old films where they have the build up then suddenly cut to a scene of them smoking post-coitally. They don't actually describe/explain the sexual dynamic.

    I may pick it up and try again but it is proving difficult.

  2. I think we may have read it differently, the second chapter of Part 2, she self-defines it as rape…
    As to not findnig it sexy, different strokes for different folks innit.
    The prose is excellent.

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