Poetry for Lent – Good Friday

Friday Lent Poem 45 22nd

A deeply personal choice, this poem is on the mass card for my grandmother. It perfectly captures how I feel about her. With every poem I’ve read in the last six weeks, I’ve been reminded constantly that ‘we read to know we are not alone’.


Vladimir Holan (Translated by George Theiner)

Is it true that after this life of ours
we shall one day be awakened by a
terrifying clamour of trumpets?
Forgive me, God,
but I console myself that the beginning
and resurrection of all of us dead
will simply be announced
by the crowing of a cock
After that we will remain
lying down a while
The first to get up
will be mother
We’ll hear her, quietly
laying the fire, quietly putting
the kettle on the stove and
cosily taking the teapot out of the cupboard.
We’ll be home once more.

One thought on “Poetry for Lent – Good Friday

  1. Well done! A wonderful series. You've introduced me to some poets I had not known and to beautiful poems. Although I cannot pick a favorite, I did really enjoy your Sylvia Plath choice. Resurrection also has a mighty significance, I expect for more than only you.

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