Poetry for Lent – Saturday

Saturday Lent Poem 46

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to include this poem (and tomorrows!) on the blog.

Almost the day I started tweeting as LeedsBookClub, I was fortunate enough to become friends with Alice Shapiro (@CrackedPoems). Born in Georgia, USA, she is an accomplished poet, playwright and author. Mostly though, she’s really funny!

I let her know about my little Lenten project, and dropped some very subtle hints about how wonderful it would be to include a piece of her work. She managed to read between the lines and was generous enough to volunteer not one, but two poems.

Please find below a poem by Alice Shapiro, to be released in a new collection later this year (once I have details, I will post them).

Well Done

Alice Shapiro


I – peruse past decades
I – have accomplished greatness
I – overcame
·         arcane banality
·         self-doubt
·         impetuous naiveté
Tender errors at ten and twenty
baked onto inner walls of an open mind
formed a calloused heart.
walking sand-drenched sidewalks in the tropics
dazed, yet unfazed by a temporary lapse
in continuity
God – at my back
·         arcane banality – self-doubt
went up like smoke.
wise wide innocence shares my easy chair
 I – consider grace.

One thought on “Poetry for Lent – Saturday

  1. Thank you! I am totally honored to be part of your Lent poem series. I will keep you up-to-date on the news. And so glad you understand my sense of humor – not everyone does, you know. I can tell by the silent stares when I enter a room.

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