Last Poem for Lent – Easter Sunday

Sunday Lent Poem 47

Please find below, the second of two poems sent to us by noted poet, playwright and author Alice Shapiro (@crackedpoems)


Alice Shapiro

A friend is a second self
The cries of Lois
the dearth of shame
the help of brothers
the force of disdain
the books of poets
the poems of rain
     post meridiem
I cannot tell whether
diamonds appeared in his eyes
or mine
as the shine of adoration
became the icon
one values in history
a Byzantine sparkle
Medieval armor against all odds.
We stand on stages
act our play
sometimes alone in our heads
                (before the mating)
sometimes in platitudes and lies
                (after years together).
I recognize the dew
and the frost.
Can you come to me innocent
each day, each moment
where a diamond’s glint
appears as highlights
between your words
between our silences
as we lie down
in fields of smiles?

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