See you later alligator…

see you later 01
See you later, alligator.
Bye-bye, butterfly.
Not too soon, you big baboon.
In a while, crocodile.
Out the door, dinosaur. 
Give a hug, ladybug.
Take care, polar bear.
See you soon, raccoon.
To your house, little mouse.
In a blizzard, little lizard.
In a shake, garter snake.
Time to scoot, warty newt.
Don’t meander, salamander.
Hit the road, hoppy toad.
Be sweet, parakeet.
See you soon, raccoon.
Stay well, gazelle
Not now brown cow
‘Till then penguin
To your house, mouse
Manana Iguana
Take care, polar bear.
Give a kiss, jellyfish,
Take a bow, brown cow
So long, King Kong.
Toodle-oo, kangaroo.  
See you soon raccoon.
Toodaloo kangaroo.
In a line, porcupine.
To the bus octopus.
Just a word mocking bird.
see you later 02

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