Blogalong The Fountainhead Part VII

Part 3-Gail Wynard

Meh, really. Just. Meh.

Mostly Dominique and husband no. 2 Gail Wynard talking in very long sentences that I couldn’t really follow due to not caring about them about how much they worship sky scrapers. I’m sure there was some massively important point I was missing but after the drama and excitement of Part 2, meh.

The chapter with les artistes was hilarious though. Having gone through a Creative Writing degree I have very much been in that room on several occasions.

Rand’s prose is better than her dialogue. Never mind. On to Part 4- Howard Roark….


Challenge Accepted


2 thoughts on “Blogalong The Fountainhead Part VII

  1. In regards to a), the effects of social media as enshrining mediocrity, this is a problem that I think Jaron Lanier's “You Are Not A Gadget” approaches quite sensibly. One of his main points is that the anonymity of web 2.0 and the so-called “wisdom of crowds” do not replicate what we see in real life.

    Lanier thinks of this as a behaviourial fault in the way that the Internet was set up, reinforcing groupthink, indifference, and what he calls “poor treatment of humans”.

    Finally, anybody looking at Rand might do well to check out the excellent episode of the Tank Riot podcast about her, at – although having just read a book by her you might want to give yourself a break from the Objectivist line of thinking! The Tank Riot guys come down pretty heavily against what she says, and point out some of her many hypocritical character traits.

  2. Totally loved this piece Getting to know Ayn Rand better, but its only a drop of that ocean which I would like to xpeiernce..if I get time.For such a young person, your thoughts are very objective, if I may use the word. Even after such a long innings in the game of life, people like me are only half aware of such philosophy. Gr8 going Priya .Keep it up Waiting for THAT part II.

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