REVIEW – Fancy Pants Poetry 2 – Agostino Scafidi


Recently I reviewed a book of poetry by Agostino Scafidi. No sooner had I pressed publish, then he let me know that the sequel had become available.

While there are no major stylish or drastic format changes, this is a very different book from its predecessor. The original was dark, cynical and sarcastic – caustic in tone. This – while retaining the quick sharp observations that seem to typify Agostino’s writing – is much more cheerful in general with a greater focus on positive (or at the very least more neutral) interactions and experiences.

Whatever the situation, Agostino appears to be tackling his challenges with a different viewpoint, one that is less stung by rejection or betrayal and more capable and confident of his own worth. For me, this was a far more pleasurable read (though I greatly enjoyed the first!) as it better suits my point of view.


So Many

There’s always more than one,

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that,

It’s not like I can help it,

However there still might be one.


One who I’ll always come back to,

Who I’ll hold above all others,

I just hope that won’t die either,

Because quantity doesn’t comfort me.



Each moment,

I’ll cherish it,

While it’s here.



Petty and grand,

Mostly pretty,

Little itches,

Nothing to scratch with.

Can’t scratch it,

Just ignore it?

Can’t ignore it,

Just watch it?


That feels better,

I think I’ll do this more often,

And have faith.

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Review – Fancy Pants Poetry

Review – Fancy Pants Poetry 2


2 thoughts on “REVIEW – Fancy Pants Poetry 2 – Agostino Scafidi

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  2. Great review, thanks for sharing this 🙂
    It’s true we all go through phases as we grow and thus evolve with the ebb and flow of life
    I’m glad to hear about the change development in his viewpoint!


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