REVIEW – Fancy Pants Poetry 2 – Agostino Scafidi

Recently I reviewed a book of poetry by Agostino Scafidi. No sooner had I pressed publish, then he let me know that the sequel had become available. While there are no major stylish or drastic format changes, this is a very different book from its predecessor. The original was dark, cynical and sarcastic - caustic in … Continue reading REVIEW – Fancy Pants Poetry 2 – Agostino Scafidi


REVIEW – Fancy Pants Poetry – Agostino Scafidi

Recently Agostino Scafidi left a message on the blog about his new book of poems. As I'm always on the lookout for new authors and poets, he sent me a copy to review. Laid back, contemporary and bitingly sarcastic, these poems are a mix of specific and stipulated themes and vague concepts and thoughts - allowing the … Continue reading REVIEW – Fancy Pants Poetry – Agostino Scafidi

Dead Heads (Gloomwood)by Ross Young – Review

FULL DISCLOSURE - Ross Young is a friend of a friend, who happens to be a writer. Actually, it’s a neighbour and friend - if we’re going to get nit-picky about it - who asked if I'd be interested in checking out this new novel. As he is a chap with impeccable taste, I enthusiastically agreed … Continue reading Dead Heads (Gloomwood)by Ross Young – Review

Sweet Tooth – Ian McEwan

SWEET TOOTH IAN MCEWAN There are some mild spoilers in this review, though I refrain from revealing the major plot points or ending. If you've read the novel and want to have a proper gab about it, please contact me on twitter (@LeedsBookClub) or via email! This book was sent out to me for review … Continue reading Sweet Tooth – Ian McEwan

The Mystery of Mercy Close Review

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I love Marian Keyes. I've been reading her since my early teens, and her mix of brash humour and unfailingly honest outlook has always worked for me. Whether or not you like the whole 'chick-lit' thing, you can't deny she's had a massive influence as a writer, … Continue reading The Mystery of Mercy Close Review

The Book Lovers Companion Review

Deciding what to read next can be a daunting task for a lot of us. It's hard if your last read was a stinker -  though at least you'll know feeling that the only direction left is up!  It's especially tricky if you've just finished something wonderful. You want a book that's different enough that … Continue reading The Book Lovers Companion Review

Mothers and Daughters

MOTHERS IN FICTION CARRIE DUNN Journalist and feminist Carrie Dunn has taken on 20 of fictions most divisive characters. Offering a fresh perspective on their motivations and actions; she re-examines their roles in the book and as part of a broader societal picture.    While a few of these essays are 'merely' delightfully universal; others … Continue reading Mothers and Daughters