REVIEW – Fancy Pants Poetry – Agostino Scafidi

Fancy_Pants_Poetry_-_600_x_831Recently Agostino Scafidi left a message on the blog about his new book of poems. As I’m always on the lookout for new authors and poets, he sent me a copy to review.

Laid back, contemporary and bitingly sarcastic, these poems are a mix of specific and stipulated themes and vague concepts and thoughts – allowing the reader to follow the thought train or to project their own interpretations as they wish. Agostino is a poet, no doubt, but I suspect that he is a bit of a philosopher also.

While the poems themselves are predominantly quite dark and cynical, the language used is deceptive. Just when you feel that the sun will never shine again, there are flashes of an uprising – of a soul and spirit that isn’t quite ready to throw the towel in just yet. Of most importance to me; these poems do not read as poetry – they are accessible and feel real world relevant.

Honestly, I looked forward to the sparse cheerful poems dotted throughout by the end. While there are quite a few gems tucked away in this short book; the mood is almost unremittingly bleak. My personal favourites include ‘Let’s be Irrational’ – which feels like a standing truth – and ‘Do it’ – which feels like it could not have been written at any point in time but now!

According to his twitter feed, there will be a follow up – Fancy Pants Poetry 2 – in the near future which I look forward to reading!

Let’s Be Irrational


Certainly a punishable offence.

No matter what anyone says about how admirable honesty can be,

Don’t risk it.

There’ll always be repercussions,

Honesty is hated,

You’ll only bear the brunt of the derision.

Heed these warnings at your own peril.

You might be strong enough for this crusade,

Just be sure before you ship out,

Some people won’t ever forget their face to face with truth.

The Hermit Rant

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Review – Fancy Pants Poetry

Review – Fancy Pants Poetry 2


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