Fictional foods – yummy!

This morning I came across this article on Packed Lunch ideas from Fictional Foods which instantly made me hungry and prompted me to try and remember my favourite fictional foods. I always wanted to go to one of the midnight feasts at Malory Towers (@isfromupnorth - you with me?) - though I'd avoid the hard boiled eggs … Continue reading Fictional foods – yummy!


A Feast For Crows

I was going to include this in Mount TBR, but that wold have been cheating, as this isn't my book! I borrowed A Feast For Crows from R MONTHS ago and never got round to reading it past the first third, so I'm including it on the Once Upon A Time Reading Challenge and you … Continue reading A Feast For Crows

BookElf Reads 2011

In the tradition of the last two years... Not published this year, just read this year, savvy? Discovery of the Year Ayn Rand/Mary Gaitskill (The Fountainhead/Two Girls, Fat and Thin) What may initially appear to be an odd choice, seeing as this is also the year I've discovered so many amazing books that haven't made … Continue reading BookElf Reads 2011

Westeros Walford

*** SPOILERS UP TO END OF STORM OF SWORDS PART 1*** I’ve quit smoking this summer, or at least I’ve quit smoking to the extent that I’ve smoked three times, and the last time felt incredibly sick for four days afterwards. This remarkable feet (trust, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done apart from the … Continue reading Westeros Walford