Beautiful literary based art video

From my mum. Which is your favourite? This was published on the 13th of August and is a production of the municipal library ‘Mateo Garcìa’, which I think is in Murcia, Spain. Isn’t it wonderful to see how libraries across the world are continuing to engage and capture our minds, despite “all this...currently going … Continue reading Beautiful literary based art video


PHOTOS – Cafe 164

Our beloved #LBC3Reads venue - @Cafe164 - turns 8 years old next month. It's hard to imagine! The cafe and gallery has changed so much over the last few years (while retaining its book club friendly staff and excellent coffee) but I reckon it's the latest addition that's my favourite! The cafe now has its … Continue reading PHOTOS – Cafe 164

PODCAST – Jan 2018 – This month I have mostly been reading…

Join the BookElf and I as we discuss the books that we've read this month (Ok, I discuss the books I've read this month and Jess discusses HALF of the books that she has read. Swot.) From missing the mark to hitting you right in the heart to slightly smutty novels to book club low … Continue reading PODCAST – Jan 2018 – This month I have mostly been reading…

PODCAST – Culturally Minded Ep 02

Leeds Book Club has been participating in the Arts and Minds Network's Sharing Stories Project for the last few years. In previous years, we read and discussed books - you can find the list below - however, in 2015, we decided to broaden our scope. Tom of the Arts and Mind Network and I will be meeting up … Continue reading PODCAST – Culturally Minded Ep 02

Music To Read Books By

On those rare occasions when I have an evening set aside to just immerse myself in a good book, I find myself choosing particular music to accompany me. Often the album du jour just won't do. Certain albums do more than just 'set the mood', they sort of blend with the book involved, often with … Continue reading Music To Read Books By