PODCAST – Jan 2018 – This month I have mostly been reading…

Join the BookElf and I as we discuss the books that we’ve read this month (Ok, I discuss the books I’ve read this month and Jess discusses HALF of the books that she has read. Swot.)

From missing the mark to hitting you right in the heart to slightly smutty novels to book club low scores to holocaust denial…we like to think we’ve been keeping it varied…

We are particularly entertaining and witty and would love to hear from you so join in via the comments section below!

Listen to the podcast HERE


Book’s discussed in detail

  • The Transition – Luke Kennard
  • The Shimmer of the Herring – Evelyn Hood
  • The City and The City – China Mieville
  • Howards End – EM Forster
  • Holocaust History on Trial – Denial – Deborah Lidstadt
  • Rainshadows Road – Lisa Kleypas

Note – there might just have been a glass of wine involved in this production…


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