Provisional Score for LBC Horsforth

Great chat tonight - out prosit all score is ... 8

#Now(Panic)Reading – Celestial Bodies for LBC Horsforth

I’ve still got 40% to go! And it’s tomorrow! And it’s not even that long, it’s just a little more involved that my brain can cope with at the moment!

Admin Day

It’s been a deliciously productive day behind the scenes...but it’s not super interesting to anyone else. Going to read another chapter of Celestial Bodies for #LBCHorsforth then likely re-watch the Eurovision film for a relax, singalong and happy sob. This is such a silly, happy homage to Eurovision and I really enjoyed it. In … Continue reading Admin Day

POEM – The Cure at Troy – Seamus Heaney

Recited at Joe Biden’s Inauguration by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Verses from The Cure at Troy by Seamus Heaney    Human beings suffer They torture one another, They get hurt and get hard. No poem or play or song Can fully right a wrong Inflicted and endured. The innocent in gaols Beat on their bars together. A … Continue reading POEM – The Cure at Troy – Seamus Heaney

LBC Horsforth – Changing dates from February

Given that we are currently meeting online, - rather than in our beloved pub - we have decided to return to our original date slot. From February, we will be meeting on the second Wednesday of the month. So our next dates look like this: 10 February 10 March 14 April 12 May 9 June … Continue reading LBC Horsforth – Changing dates from February

POEM – Amanda Gorman – The Hill We Climb

Amanda Gorman became the youngest Poet to perform at a presidential inauguration. The 23 year old delivered The Hill We Climb - a poem which was completed on 6th of January. The same day that the Capitol was stormed by supporters of the previous president, engaging in acts of domestic terrorism. Her first book … Continue reading POEM – Amanda Gorman – The Hill We Climb

Biden West Wing

(Not book related but I couldn’t resist!) Music gets me every time.

Now (cheat) reading – The Batman Who Laughs

Because I was just lent it and it looks so good! Obviously I’ll return to the book club choice tomorrow! "Left rattled by the events of Dark Nights: Metal, Bruce Wayne must come face to face with the ultimate evil spawned from the Dark Multiverse. One part Batman one part Joker. The Batman Who Laughs. … Continue reading Now (cheat) reading – The Batman Who Laughs

LBC3READS – Tinker Tailor Score

Given that one of the scores was a 2/10, I think you’ll all be very impressed to discover that we scored this... 8/10 Also, it’s our first spinal tap of 2021! An 11/10! Given that these are our personal comfort reads I imagine quite a few will be Spinal Tapped! (Also, I haven’t updated that … Continue reading LBC3READS – Tinker Tailor Score

SOTD – BardCore Cover – Somebody that I used to know

X just sent me this. It’s a cover of the Gotye feat Kimbra song with a bardcore/medieval twist. So I clearly have a mew obsession to go explore.SOTD – BardCore Cover – Somebody that I used to know My latest obsession...