September Book Club choices

Hello! Here are our three books for September!

  • 08-09 – Piranesi – Susanna Clarke – LBC Horsforth
  • 12-09 – Project Hail Mary – Andy Weir – LBC White Swan
  • 18-09 – Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day – Winifred Watson – LBC 3 Reads

2 thoughts on “September Book Club choices

  1. Hi, is the meeting on the 12th September online or in person?

    If I can manage to read it in time I’m thinking to maybe join, it will be my first book club (or any club) ever! Anxious? No not at all 😳😅😂

    • All online at the moment, so if you’d like I can email out a zoom link! My email is LeedsBookClub @

      Don’t be nervous! We’re a lovely group – honest! Meeting is from 6 to 8pm and while we will discuss the book, it’s very likely other things will creep in too!

      We are hoping to get back to face to face very soon though.

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