Now reading for LBC3Reads – Bookworm

For Saturdays LBC 3 Reads book club, we are reading Bookworm by Lucy Mangan

Our book club theme for the year is Books about Books and this one certainly qualifies! 

When Lucy Mangan was little, stories were everything. They opened up new worlds and cast light on all the complexities she encountered in this one. 

She was whisked away to Narnia – and Kirrin Island – and Wonderland. She ventured down rabbit holes and womble burrows into midnight gardens and chocolate factories. She wandered the countryside with Milly-Molly-Mandy, and played by the tracks with the Railway Children. With Charlotte’s Web she discovered death and with Judy Blume it was boys. 

No wonder she only left the house for her weekly trip to the library or to spend her pocket money on amassing her own at home. 

In Bookworm , Lucy revisits her childhood reading with wit, love and gratitude. She relives our best-beloved books, their extraordinary creators, and looks at the thousand subtle ways they shape our lives. 

She also disinters a few forgotten treasures to inspire the next generation of bookworms and set them on their way. Lucy brings the favourite characters of our collective childhoods back to life – prompting endless re-readings, rediscoveries, and, inevitably, fierce debate – and brilliantly uses them to tell her own story, that of a born, and unrepentant, bookworm. 


Our others books for the year are:

  • 15-01 – Bookworm – Lucy Mangan
  • 19-03 – Less – Andrew Sean Grier
  • 21-05 – The Reading List – Sara Nisha Adams
  • 16-07 – The Name of the Rose – Umberto Eco
  • 17-09 – The Diary of a Bookseller – Shaun Bythell
  • 19-11 – The Book Thief – Marcus Zusak

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