PODCAST – Natalie Haynes Stands Up for the Classics

As I’ve been recommending this to EVERYONE, I felt it would probably save time to share it here also. 

Last year for LeedsBookClub, we read A Thousand Ships by Natalie Haynes and it was incredible! In fact it was the highest scoring book that we discussing last year (by the skin of it’s teeth. A Thousand Ships scored 9.4 and Shuggie Bain scored 9.3 – very solid recommendations there!).

So when I discovered from my mum that the author had also written a non-fiction book (Pandora’s Jar), I was over the moon. Then I found out that Ms Haynes had also been a comedian for many years and that her two interests had finally come together in a podcast taking a humourous look at the Classics. And I was SOLD!

Having binge listened to this last week, I am working my way through them more slowly this week. And passing the link onto anyone I can think of. Including your own good selves 😀

It’s informative, it’s funny, the guests are great and there are frequent references to I Claudius, Xena and Buffy. What more could you want in a highbrow radio production!

Get listening below or find the podcast on BBC Sounds.

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