LBC3 Reads – Our first Zoom Book Club

This morning at 11:30am; LeedsBookClub will host it’s first book club on Zoom! #LBCZoom

We will be discussing ‘The Lady Vanishes’ by Ethel Lina White.

Returning home to England from a vacation in Europe, a lonely Iris Carr, a beautiful young socialite, seeks the company of a strange woman known to her only as “Miss Froy,” but her peace of mind is thrown into turmoil by the disappearance of her new friend and traveling companion, a woman whom no one else has ever seen

If you would like to participate but haven’t attended before, please drop me an email on

If you have read the book, but don’t fancy that there Zoom; that’s absolutely grand too – please either email me your thoughts and score, or bob me a dm on twitter @LeedsBookClub.

For those who aren’t on twitter or would rather not (and who can blame you!!), please send in your thoughts however you can!

  • Email –
  • Twitter or DM
  • Instagram
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Interpretative dance routine
  • WhatsApp (phone no will be passed on cheerfully to LBC-ers)

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