LBC3READS – Tinker Tailor Score

Given that one of the scores was a 2/10, I think you’ll all be very impressed to discover that we scored this... 8/10 Also, it’s our first spinal tap of 2021! An 11/10! Given that these are our personal comfort reads I imagine quite a few will be Spinal Tapped! (Also, I haven’t updated that … Continue reading LBC3READS – Tinker Tailor Score

LBCZoom Baby, Zoom!

We did it! We successfully book clubbed via zoom! And I think we spent pretty much the same proportion of the conversation discussing the book, film adaptations,  random unrelated things and in speechless fits of laughter as usual. So that's great! I will attempt to do a write up. Honest. I will!

LBC3 Reads – Our first Zoom Book Club

This morning at 11:30am; LeedsBookClub will host it's first book club on Zoom! #LBCZoom We will be discussing 'The Lady Vanishes' by Ethel Lina White. Returning home to England from a vacation in Europe, a lonely Iris Carr, a beautiful young socialite, seeks the company of a strange woman known to her only as "Miss … Continue reading LBC3 Reads – Our first Zoom Book Club