LBC3Reads – for the year

This book club meets up every three months – ideal for those too busy to join a monthly book club!

We tend to read a lot of American fiction and alternate between male and female authors.

  • For 2017, we read an author from each of the countries that make up the UK.
  • For 2018, our theme is Four Seasons
  • For 2019, we are celebrating the LBC themed book clubs (LBCPuffins, LBCDystopia & LBCOutlaws)

Time – 11:30am – 1:30pm

Location – Cafe 164

Our 2019 Choices

  • Themed Book Clubs
    • 20th April – The cuckoos calling – JK Rowling – CRIME
    • 20th July – Anne of Green Gables x3 – CHILDREN
    • 19th October – The Man in the High Castle – Philip k Dick – SCI-FI
    • 18th January – The testaments – Margaret Atwood – DYS


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