Remember my mate Owen Elgie?

I recorded an audio version of his short tale True Love a little while ago.

Well his book – The Circle of Fire – is going to be released shortly!

Book One in a proposed series of Five, The Circle of Fire is a fantasy book that aims to turn much of the mythos around Dragons on its head!

Feeling so ridiculously happy for him! And proud (in that ‘my friend is awesome’ way, not in a patronizing way!). I can’t wait to read it and of course will be pestering Owen for a podcast and more short stories!

the circle of fireBLURB:

A family tragedy opens the door on a magical world of power and terror. Anthony is forced to stare directly at the face of all things ‘make believe’ as he is drawn into the world his family has inhabited for generations.

Immediately in the fight of his life, he has to embrace the fact he is now more than he ever thought he could be and everyone is looking to him to spread his wings.

In for a penny…

Should you wish to pick up a copy, head over to Lulu HERE

Visit Owen’s blog HERE

Say hi to twitter – @OwenElgie


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