True Love – Owen Elgie

A friend of mine – Owen Elgie – has been writing fantasy for the last few years and recently decided to ‘go public’ with it.

He has completed his first novel – The Circle of Fire – which will be released in a near future and is currently working on the second in that series.


Recently, he sent me a short drabble that he had been working on – two pages entitled ‘True Love’.

Frankly, it’s one of those horrible creepy shorts that makes you wonder if you really know a person at all!

Naturally, once I had offered his wife a non-judgmental ear -should she need it – I decided to record an audio recording of True Love.


PLEASE NOTE – the story and recording contain ADULT content.

Not for those of a nervous disposition or prone to Hitchcockian nightmares.


Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Check out Owen’s blog HERE


2 thoughts on “True Love – Owen Elgie

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