EVENT – Pamela (Theophilus) Gardner at York Writers


Pamela (Theophilus) Gardner


about writing Non-Fiction

“No experience or Research is wasted”

PG 00WHEN: Wednesday the 4th of February 2015

WHERE: Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, Micklegate, York

TIME: 8pm – 10pm

ADMISSION: £1 for members of York Writers, £2.50 for guests

Join Pam as she dsicusses the journy from the health bulletin

‘Cigaretes and Whiskey and Wild Wild Mushrooms’

to her totally unrelated non-fiction bookPG 01

‘Billingsley, Brampton and Beyond

In search of The Weston Connection’

BPG 02oundaries between fiction and non-fiction are blurred in parts of her novel ‘Corkscrewed’…but that’s another story…


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