The Wood Beneath the World – Review

Twilight-Time-Thur-30thLast night, I went on a unique adventure.

It all began relatively normally. I arrived – as is my wont – far too early for The Wood Beneath the World and was ‘forced’ to pop into the former gaol cells at Leeds Town Hall for a quick drink at the pop-up-pub. Despite their sordid history; the Victorian cells were inviting and enchanting, if a bit on the cold side – remedied the second I spotted the blankets thoughtfully left throughout! There were candles, the scent of mulled wine in the air and a steady hum of conversation…which ended the second I said that I was yet to experience the show.

They – like me – weren’t quite willing to spoil the surprise…

The Wood Beneath the World is best experienced without any expectations. All you really need to know is that there have always been forests and woods and wild areas uncontrolled by man. Despite all our efforts, every now and again these pop up where we least expect them. For decades, one such wood has been growing beneath our city town hall and recently…it has started to take over.

If you decide to explore the woods further, you won’t be alone. Jack lives on the edge of the wood; tracking it; recording it; learning from it. He will be your tour guide – direct you, lead you in and pass on invaluable tips and hints. If you’re very lucky, Gwen might also appear…though she frequently provides more questions than answers.

Be Alice and follow the rabbit. Channel Lucy stepping out of the wardrobe and into the snow.

Trust in your guides and in your imagination. And remember…there are many ways to approach the woods…

the wood beneath the world - YEP

DATES:   17th of November until the 17th of December

DURATION: 1 hour

TICKETS: Visit the official website HERE

PRICES:  Evening adult experience £8 full price / £6 concession;

Father Christmas Experience £6.50 per child / £3.50 per adult;

Family ticket of four £17.50.


Created by: Lord Whitney



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