Christmas read for Helen thanks to Enid Blyton challenge

There’s a book I missed for the challenge and I’m kicking myself that I can’t remember reading it or added it to the list. It was one fo my favourites. it’s the Adventures of the wishing chair. I found a post here which I found while researching her other books today and loved the piece written about Enid, see below:

adventures-of-the-wishing-chair-2“Fill your mind with all kinds of interesting things—the more you have in it, the more will come out of it. Nothing ever comes out of your mind that hasn’t already been put into it in some form or other. It may come out changed, re-arranged, polished, shining, almost unrecognizable—but nevertheless it was you who put it there first of all. Your thoughts, your actions, your reading, your sense of humour, everything gets packed into your mind, and if you have an imagination, what a wonderful assortment it will have to choose from!” More here

‘Enid began submitting her work to publishers when she was in her teens, but at that stage she received countless rejection slips. However, that only made her all the more determined to persevere with her writing: “It is partly the struggle that helps you so much, that gives you determination, character, self-reliance—all things that help in any profession or trade, and most certainly in writing.” As we know, Enid Blyton went on to achieve phenomenal success, beginning with the publication of magazine articles and poetry when she was in her twenties’. More here

The book:

Mollie and Peter have a wonderful Wishing-Chair which they keep in their playroom at the bottom of the garden. While they are at Boarding School their pixie friend Chinky looks after it for them; but in the holidays the Chair grows wings and takes them on trips to all sorts of odd places.

Excerpt from the Book:

The adventures really began on the day that Mollie and Peter went out to spend thirty-five pence on a present for their mother’s birthday. They emptied the money out of their money box and counted it. “Thirty-five!” said Peter. “Good! Now, what shall we buy our mother?” “Mother loves old things,” said Mollie. “If we could find on old shop somewhere, full of old things – you know, funny spoons, quaint vases, old glasses, and beads – something of that sort would be lovely for Mother. She would love an old tea-caddy to keep the tea in, I’m sure, or perhaps an old, old vase.”…

Helen’s challenge

So for my personal Christmas challenge I shall find a copy of this, I don’t know if I owned a copy or not, but I will try to find an original copy and read this before the year is out,.

Thank you for reading



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